Hey, it’s Gillan, pronounced \jill-an\.
I’m a 21-year-old Journalism graduate from a Catholic university in the Philippines.
I write news articles for a living but coding is my passion.
I’m an INTJ and the mom of a pomshih named Chewie.
I like to read fiction, watch movies, and listen to music.


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Want to work with me? Kindly contact me here or reach me through email: hello@gillan.gi9.co ^^

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I first started coding in 2008, the boom of custom-made Friendster and Myspace layouts. I won a domain, Sparkling Soul 1It was generated by a site name generator, in my defense., but did not get to renew it after a year. Since then, I have been hosted multiple times. My second website was called Paperback Writer, named after The Beatles song. I took a break from coding between 2014 and 2016. Seeing as how journalism is my career, I figured I’d take a break from writing news and write other kinds of prose.


All content posted are mine unless stated otherwise. Product reviews reflect my own opinion and are not sponsored unless stated otherwise. Kindly contact me if you want something of yours taken down. Thank you! Read the rest here.

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1. It was generated by a site name generator, in my defense.