This is not a sponsored post, I was just really in need of affordable and quality skincare products and Miniso has just opened two stores in my area.

The first skincare product I bought from Miniso was their moisturizing toner. It does its job well for a product that costs only P150 or $3. Although it’s gel-like, it could completely clean up the remains of my charcoal mask, which is tough to wash off. Also, it feels like rosewater and does not dry up my skin unlike the toners I used when I was naive on skincare.


Then more than two weeks ago, I bought their aloe vera lotion (P199 or $4) and makeup wipes (P99 or $2). I have only tested these for half a month and I’m already in love. I mean, look at that sake-like packaging!

I’ve been looking for Korean aloe vera products for a long time but they’re always out of stock. I think they also have one that’s like the same packaging as any other ones out there (e.g. Innisfree, Nature Republic) but I don’t prefer those because I don’t like dipping my fingers in a skincare product’s container :lol:

I also purchased makeup wipes because I haven’t really found a great micellar water or oil cleanser product. Comment below if you have any suggestions ^^

These work well although I’m a bit iffy with alcohol as one of the ingredients. I’d have to search for another one that doesn’t have it.

And there you have it. I planned to publish this post three weeks ago and yet here we are :lol: I finally had some downtime to play Civilization 6 and edit this post.

Also, thank you all for your suggestions on my previous post. I think I will get my own domain but maybe when I can maintain to post on this blog regularly, which should be soon as I have a lot of pending posts lmao.


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