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25. 05. 18 / Life
Cancel me

I am back once again. Boy, I do not learn :lol:

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10. 06. 17 / Life
Should I stay

My host¬†announced in its forum on June 1st that it would be moving domains and of course my dumb ass only found out when Jetpack emailed me that my site isn’t loading.

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02. 05. 17 / Life
Double trouble

#LiqMyStick :lol:

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So I read somewhere on Tumblr that Club Penguin is going to close soon and curiosity got the best of me and I checked if it was true. It was. It will close on March 29th to be exact. I suddenly felt nostalgic. My mind went back to the days of dial-up internet, searching for game websites like Y8, and custom-made Friendster and MySpace layouts.

No, I didn’t start coding in Friendster or MySpace but rather in a doll-making website called The Doll Palace.

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(I’ve been really sick for the past week which is why I’m only writing this now, forgive me.)

In high school, we had a “birthday bash” every February because there are nine of us who turn a year older during the month. Six of us celebrate it right after the other, starting February 14th.

I told the boyfriend that we didn’t have to celebrate Valentine’s and my birthday separately but we still did because we have no self-discipline re: money lmao.

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