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When you can’t beat the game, change the odds.

So, yesterday I finished reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and it did not disappoint. I knew that tragedy at the end was coming but I still cried.

I think a book review is long overdue seeing as how I’ve reviewed films and music here but had not yet written about my favorite pastime. So without further ado, I present to you the Six of Crows duology, without spoilers! ^^

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15. 03. 17 / Views
Wait for it

Today marks my unemployment for three months, which I swore to myself I’d never reach and yet here we are :lol:

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05. 03. 17 / Views
In Moonlight

So far, I’ve only watched 6/9 Best Picture nominees in the recently concluded Oscars. I’ll try to watch all of them but don’t quote me on that.

Here are my short reviews and my favorite quotes from them: (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

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