Because I’m one of those cheesy dog parents, I actually used the word “barkday.”

Jan 21st
I planned on writing this the day after Chewie’s birthday but laziness got the best of me and the rest is history.
It was a small celebration and the boyfriend attended, of course.
My mom cooked baked mac and I bought donuts for us hoo-mans while I ordered a birthday cake online that Chewie could actually eat. It was liver-flavored and topped with cream cheese.

Happy first barkday, Chewie!

My baby boy turns 1!

Waffle looks so much like Chewie!

Jan. 27th
Boyfriend bought Waffle, a mixed Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd puppy. She’ll be turning 2 months on Feb. 10th! She looks just like Chewie when he was little that we accidentally called her Chewie a few times lol

May the paws be with you.

I also bought Chewie a new shirt, which he wore on my dad’s birthday.

Feb. 4th
I bought Chewie a bed last Saturday and he’s territorial about it but he rarely sleeps on it lmao. He still prefers to sleep on the concrete floor under my bed.

So comfy!

Also, I had him groomed after his birthday because I couldn’t stand the tick he was getting from our neighbor’s dogs :( Poor fellas are left tied outside the whole time. Luckily, the anti-tick repellent I ordered online arrived yesterday so yay!

Dog dilemma
To my fellow pawrents (I swear I’ll never use these cheesy puns ever again) out there, do you feed your children table food (human food) or dog food? I like to feed Chewie dog food because it’s a lot more convenient, not only in terms of feeding but also in terms of the dog’s health, but my parents like to feed him table food :( And we all know that table food is tastier so he gets picky with his food. Let me know your thoughts, please!

Follow Chewie’s Instagram if you want <3

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