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Hello, 2017

Adieu, 2016 and hello, 2017!

I’m not into new year’s resolutions because I can’t keep them. However, this time around, I’m deciding to keep this blog alive. I might purchase an actual domain once I get a job (I’ve been jobless for half a month now but more on that in a while.)

Tbh, I’m still undecided as to what it will contain; probably mostly beauty product reviews (I’m into makeup now when I actually hated it before), book and movie reviews, travel, and fitness (boyfriend actually got me into a gym membership, which is an achievement in itself.)

And like any other young adult who purchases planners in order to feel more organized in their life but actually fails to use it throughout the year, here’s my planner for 2017 that I got in my previous company’s Christmas party! Hooray!

Which co-worker is…

Hard work beats talent…

So, about being jobless for the time being: I graduated in June then took a break until August because I still had a lot to do in the uni’s official student publication (I was a section editor and my writers and I wrote investigative stories regarding national and university-wide issues.) I started looking for work in August and finally got accepted a month later in a major broadcasting network as a social media producer for lifestyle TV shows.

I had to quit though, because I don’t see myself in that career further down the road. Lifestyle has never been my forte and being online 24/7 starts to feel like a chore when it’s not your personal account that you’re managing, even for someone who is basically on every social media platform like I am.

And there you have it, folks! My planner is kinda ironic because it is for working young adults and I am currently unemployed but I plan to land a job soon so that it will be put to good use.

As for 2016, it wasn’t that bad except for Trump winning the US presidency, Duterte winning the Philippine presidency, and the deaths of many beloved celebrities (especially my faves Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher.) The boyfriend gave me Chewie, a pomeranian-shih tzu mix, back in April and he’s going to be a year old this month. How time flies! I finished my thesis, graduated, travelled, and landed my first job all in one year. I guess we just have to look for the bright side despite the gloomy circumstances.

Here’s to more growth and courage. I hereby claim this year as NO MORE TEARS 2017!

And because I don’t believe in resolutions, here are some habits I’d like to adapt this year:

  1. Actually use my planner.
  2. Eat clean and therefore, healthier.
  3. Lift heavier. For those who don’t know me, I’m a gender equality warrior and it irks me when my boyfriend says he’s stronger than I am in the physical aspect because he lifts heavier weights, which is true. Also, I like it when I don’t have to call him to open jars for me. It seems that lifting heavier actually pays off!
  4. Sleep before 10PM. I am a night owl and my most productive time of the day is at night, which is why it’s really hard for me to sleep. 12AM is still early for me. However, most jobs require waking up early so I’d have to change this habit of mine.
  5. Blog more. I plan to post blogs every Tuesday from now on but the first beauty product review will be posted on Thursday, yay!

Let me know yours below!

P.S. Because I’m feeling productive, two beauty product reviews have already been scheduled. There’s no going back now!

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