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Should I stay

My host announced in its forum on June 1st that it would be moving domains and of course my dumb ass only found out when Jetpack emailed me that my site isn’t loading.

The one time I didn’t go on the forum is the time they announced they’d change domains, I’m so mad at myself :lol:

I haven’t been online in so long because I only ever wake up to go to work and then eat and sleep when I go home and repeat everything the next day.

We also changed schedules at work and I got two separate days off (Saturday and Monday), which is unfortunate but somehow works for me because I always go out on Saturdays and come home in the wee hours of Sunday.

If you have any tips on how to have a life while still focusing on work, I would really appreciate it :)

Back to my domain dilemma: I’m thinking of moving to Blogger so I could use a shorter URL 1I’m thinking of moving to gillan.co.vu..


  1. I’m not comfortable in using Blogger. I’ve always used WordPress. 2FanUpdate when I was new :lol:
  2. I’m too lazy to move everything.
  3. I like to code my own layout because I’m too picky :lol: However, I’m not familiar in coding blogger templates. I would love to learn but I don’t have the time :(

So, should I stay or should I go now? (Waiting for Stranger Things season 2 seems like forever.)

Or should I purchase my own domain? I’m iffy about this because I don’t like entering my credit/debit card accounts online.

I honestly, truly love my host because I have my own cPanel and lots of space. It’s just the URL I’m concerned about.

If you have any other ideas, please do let me know. Thank you!

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1. I’m thinking of moving to gillan.co.vu.
2. FanUpdate when I was new :lol:
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    On June 10th, 2017, Maroon Caludin said,
  1. So that’s what happened! XD

    Hmm…I never used blogger so I can’t help you there. I just know I have tried switching from wordpress and usually find myself always going back to it. XD

    I would personally get my own domain, but if your not comfortable with that have you ever tried looking for people with domains that take on hostee’s?


  2. On June 11th, 2017, Nancy said,
  3. Even though you didn’t know about the domain change until the last moment, at least your site is still up! I don’t blame you for liking WordPress. I’ve seen some sites looking great on Blogger but it’s ultimately up to you to decide. I am always game about buying your own domain because you’re not at the mercy of someone else (that’s one way to put it). I know domain registrars like Namecheap uses Paypal but you have to link some kind of CC# on it. If anything, can you buy a Paypal gift card or some kind of prepaid card IRL and pay for the domain with it? I feel like that’s a safe alternative. :)


    On July 4th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Nancy, thank you for the rec! I do think I’ll buy my own domain ^^


  4. On June 11th, 2017, Claudine said,
  5. I actually prefer WordPress. I think WordPress blogs look nicer than Blogger ones so if I were to choose, I would stick with WordPress! :)

    Getting your own domain is actually a great idea. You should do that. As long as you choose a reputable provider, your details should be safe so don’t worry too much about it :)


    On July 4th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Claudine, thanks for the recommendation! Will do ^^ Can I ask where did you buy your domain? :)


  6. On June 12th, 2017, Pauline said,
  7. Sounds like a lot of things to consider!

    I’ve not used Blogger before so I can’t really comment but if it has a better URL in your opinion I would go for it. I have been using WordPress all my life too and I love coding themes for it myself haha.

    If I were in your situation, the easiest option (for me) would be to just purchase my own domain but it is up to you! I love being in control of everything I have online so xD Most places e.g. Namecheap is secure and they have great support! :)

    Good luck – sounds like a lot to think about but I’m sure you will figure it out!


    On July 4th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Pauline, thanks for the suggestion! I think I will purchase my own domain after all! ^^


  8. On June 20th, 2017, Sakura said,
  9. That’s great! What have you used GoPro for so far?

    I would recommend getting your own domain name. Have you thought of using Paypal to pay for your domain name?


    On July 4th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Sakura, I can’t seem to reach your domain :(
    Thanks, I will! I have but like I said, I’m iffy about entering my credit accounts online haha I guess I’ll just have to take the leap using Paypal.