Josue is my boyfriend of five years. We met in high school but only got together in college. He’s a mechanical engineer in Singapore.

I know you don’t have the time to read a long blog post about my trip to Singapore last March so here’s a 1:57 video.

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25. 05. 18 / Life
Cancel me

I am back once again. Boy, I do not learn :lol:

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02. 05. 17 / Life
Double trouble

#LiqMyStick :lol:

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Small to say the least.

If you grew up watching Disney animation films, you know where I’m going with this right? Don’t worry, no spoilers!

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(I’ve been really sick for the past week which is why I’m only writing this now, forgive me.)

In high school, we had a “birthday bash” every February because there are nine of us who turn a year older during the month. Six of us celebrate it right after the other, starting February 14th.

I told the boyfriend that we didn’t have to celebrate Valentine’s and my birthday separately but we still did because we have no self-discipline re: money lmao.

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