I don’t know why every time I fly it is to visit Iloilo, my mother’s home province :lol:

The first time I flew there that I’m old enough to remember was in 2013. Then I visited again in 2015 for a uni organization trip. This is probably the reason why I’m bent on traveling/flying to other places lmao.

This year, we stayed there for six days, which mostly consisted of family reunions. However, I’m only going to post our Visita Iglesia 1Also called Seven Churches Visitation. Catholics usually do it on Maundy Thursday. Don’t worry I won’t bore you with Catholic details as I’m not a very religious one. and our beach trip.

Visita Iglesia

I have to confess, I’m not a religious person. I don’t go to mass every Sunday. I used to in elementary, when our attendance was required, and I was also part of the choir. But those are in the past. Also, I have visited most of these churches during our uni organization trip in 2015. So imagine my reaction when my mother said we’re doing the same thing.

But I did it! I endured the heat and press of bodies as we visited Iloilo’s beautiful ancient churches.

We did Visita Iglesia, or Seven Churches Visitation, on our second day in Iloilo. Unfortunately, we were all too tired to complete seven, so we only visited six :lol:

First church: Miagao Church
Built in 1797, it is one of the four Baroque Spanish-era churches here in the Philippines and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Second church: Guimbal Church
It is also known as St. Nicholas of Tolentino Parish that was built in 1774. It is also called as Iloilo’s Yellow Sandstone landmark due to its yellow-colored limestone blocks.

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Third church: Tigbauan Church

The sun was setting by the third church we visited because we started around noon. This church actually has an arch in front of it (the column on the left photo is one side of it) but I didn’t get to take a photo with a view of it because I hated those parked cars. Why would anyone park in front of a church that was built in 1575?

Tigbauan Church, also called St. John of Sahagun Parish Church.

Fourth church: Sto. Niño de Arevalo Church
I can’t find the year it was built, but this church is apparently home to the third oldest Santo Niño figure in the Philippines. I think it was newly-renovated because its paint job looks different compared to the photos I’ve seen online.

Sto. Niño de Arevalo Church houses the third oldest Santo Niño figure in the Philippines.

Fifth church: Parish of the Immaculate Conception

This is definitely the more modern one out of the six churches we visited. Apparently, it was built after a 1948 earthquake destroyed the church that stood before it.

Parish of the Immaculate Conception Church was built after a 1948 earthquake destroyed the church that stood before it.

Sixth church: Molo Church

This is my favorite out of the six. It’s tall, grand, and imposing. And besides the fact that the whole church is air-conditioned, the altar was darkened and it had hanging lights that looked like stars from afar. It was built in 1831.

Molo Church. I love its spires. Only 1/4th of its doors is open because it is fully air-conditioned.

Molo Church’s altar. Lights hanging from the ceiling look like stars from afar.

Beach trip

The beach we visited was in a resort called Alobijod Cove. The beach has white sand but there were too many people for my liking, it’s almost like Boracay.

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A post shared by Gillan Ropero (@gillanfrances) on

True to its name, it had a cove which has super clear water. It’s where I took my rashguard suit IG photo in my last post lol.

We also found a doggo by the beach! We didn’t know whose doggo she was because she was chillin’ in a cottage all by herself. I wanted to look for her owner but we were leaving already, which was so sad.

We found a dog chillin’ alone in a cottage.

And that is it! So, how was your Easter break?

I apologize once again for the late post. I’ve been very busy with work requirements for the past week. I feel very much like an adult while filling out forms but there were so many I think my hand cramped at one point lol. I have also been going back and forth from my previous employer to my new one and it is exhausting. Just another reason to choose your first job carefully and make sure it’s the one you want :)

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1. Also called Seven Churches Visitation. Catholics usually do it on Maundy Thursday. Don’t worry I won’t bore you with Catholic details as I’m not a very religious one.

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    On April 27th, 2017, Eena said,
  1. Glad to hear you had a good time, Gillan! I’m not very religious myself but I always find myself going to church every Sunday because it’s become a family thing, plus the Filipino breakfast after mass is something I look forward to xD

    Ah, the churches are beautiful. There’s just something old churches that really draw you into them, isn’t there?
    Eena recently posted Life Lately – Arrangements, walks & etceteraMy Profile


    On April 27th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Eena, I’m glad it’s become a part of your family’s habits. I wish mine were the same :lol: Omg, yaaas Filipino breakfast after mass is so goooood.


  2. On April 27th, 2017, Maroon Caludin said,
  3. Wow those churches look awesome! I like the first and last myself!

    And doggy! And really pretty water!
    Maroon Caludin recently posted Sick…My Profile


  4. On April 27th, 2017, Elisa L. said,
  5. the last time i was on a plane….i think it was in 2013 or 2014. i don’t travel a lot because budget trouble but i hope i can travel a lot one day. i love being on a plane and that’s only because 1). i love the airport vibe (don’t ask me why) and 2). that moment inside the plane when it’s time to eat or drink :P i don’t like the waiting game in the plane though, like… people usually sleep or watch movie but it’s just so BORING for me, ugh (which is why i don’t know if i can handle like hours and hours of plane ride)

    i’m not a religious person myself and i’m neither a catholic or christian but the first and second churches look so grand from the outside! it reminds me of the church settings used in angels & demons and maybe inferno too. :grin:

    aww, i hope that doggo isn’t left behind or something :(

    i’m so jealous you get to experience the sea! i know i said i hate beaches (ehe, i also hate…bitches – pfft the pun) because of the sun and everything but the oceeean is so blue and wow amazing B)
    Elisa L. recently posted 2017 | April FavoritesMy Profile


    On April 27th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Elisa L., don’t worry I also don’t travel by plane a lot and I hate that it’s always to Iloilo :lol:
    Same! I love the airport vibe and eating/drinking on the plane. I feel so special during that time haha. I read during the flight but I also wouldn’t know what to do on long-haul flights :/
    I haven’t watched or read Inferno :( I should, though, because I lost an online quiz because I didn’t know it was the answer lmao.
    I hope not :(
    Yaaas, I love the ocean (even though I can’t swim to save my life).


  6. On April 28th, 2017, Lyka Chiang said,
  7. Iloilo seems like a wonderful place to visit ❤ I don’t travel a lot but hopefully I can find the time and budget now that I’m almost finished with college. 😊

    Lyka Chiang
    Lyka Chiang recently posted TOSAVE: The Urban StyleMy Profile


    On April 28th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Lyka Chiang, I look forward to your future trips! Congrats in advance for finishing college ^^


  8. On April 28th, 2017, Nancy said,
  9. The churches look beautiful! I always love the level of detail those architects put into the design. Major props to the builders for making the church’s structure last for centuries! Pretty interesting to see how religion has been around for ages. It shows how much people valued religion by the quality of the buildings.

    The beach looks beautiful as well! The view looks amazing! I wish our beaches are as nice as the one you went to XD. Hope you had a great time out there!


  10. On April 28th, 2017, Ann-Marie said,
  11. Gimbal, Sto. Niño de Arevalo and Sto. Niño de Arevalo Church reminds me of assassins creed for some reason haha!

    Anyhow, they are all so beautiful!

    http:// theoraclejournal.net


    On April 28th, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Ann-Marie, it must be the spires! They are ^^


  12. On April 29th, 2017, Nice said,
  13. Wow, these pictures make me want to visit Iloilo. <3 Indeed, their ancient churches are beautiful. And oh, the clarity of the Alobijod Clove :love: It makes me eager to visit it myself and have a vacation there. It's just so calming to see a view like that.

    The doggo is soooo cute :love: it looks so fluffy ^^ I wanna hold him, too. Hihi :grin: I hope he finds his owner. :smug:

    I can relate with how busy you are. Filling up a lot of forms makes me feel I'm adulting too. I also agree that we have to choose our first job carefully, though there are others that choose their first jobs only to gather experience, after which they would plan to resign after just a year or so. Considering their plans, they should've known how it would be such a hassle to transfer to another employer. Haha!
    Nice recently posted My First Eyebrow Threading Experience at Lay BareMy Profile


  14. On April 29th, 2017, Kim said,
  15. Great photos! Especially of the beach! I’m not very religious either, but church architecture has always impressed me!

    Simply Lovebirds
    Kim recently posted 10 Ways to Relax After a Long DayMy Profile


  16. On April 29th, 2017, Cat said,
  17. I love the look of the older churches, especially the details on the first one! That’s too bad the beach had too many people, but it looks beautiful there. The water looks so nice and clear!

    Aah, filling out forms is a pain. I hope things are less busy for you soon!
    Cat recently posted The (failed) balancing actMy Profile


  18. On April 30th, 2017, Heide said,
  19. I didn’t know there were so many things you could do in Iloilo. The churches look beautiful.
    Heide recently posted Weekly Instagram FavoritesMy Profile


  20. On April 30th, 2017, Chynna said,
  21. Baaaaaabe, I’m not religious either. I was raised Catholic, but as I got older I’ve stayed away from organised religion. It really irks me for some reason, and I feel religion causes more war than peace. Sigh. Anyway, I do the same – I endure churches for the sake of my mother. I applaud you for visiting all of them in the heat – man, it must have been a nightmare.

    I do like churches for their beauty. But you wouldn’t catch me at a mass until my mum made me, haha.

    I MISS THE PHILIPPINES D: I need to visit again ASAP. It’s just so expensive to fly there. Huhuhu T_T The lil doggo is so cute!

    My Easter break was actually pretty good because I managed to get time off work for once! I ate lots of food, so I can’t really complain :D


    On May 2nd, 2017, Gillan replied:

    @Chynna, same. I love the idea of God or some deity watching over me but I hate that I have to go to mass every Sunday in order to be received in heaven :lol:
    YOU SHOULD VISIT SOON! Contact me if you do :heart:
    That’s too bad :( I didn’t realize it’s that expensive from the UK to the Philippines because your currency is so high-valued that I think it’s still more expensive to visit from PH to UK :lol:
    Yaaas, food and rest are my favorite things in life. Glad you got to have some time off, you really deserve it ^^


  22. On April 30th, 2017, Louise Ramos said,
  23. The dog at the end is soooo cute! The old churches are nice, it’s been a while since we did Visita Iglesia. And same, not a fan of crowded beaches, but the water looks cool and refreshing. The weather lately is just insanely hot, I keep thinking of the beach!
    Louise Ramos recently posted Singapore Street Art Guide & Art PhotowalkMy Profile


  24. On May 1st, 2017, Pauline said,
  25. I’m not very religious myself but I remember going to a lot of churches when I was younger. I do love looking at churches though, they are always so beautiful! The photos you took really captured their beauty! I love beaches too, IDK why but it’s always a breadth of fresh air looking at those photos of the ocean. I cant wait for my next beach holiday!
    Pauline recently posted April, For MeMy Profile


  26. On May 2nd, 2017, Liv said,
  27. WOW! Those churches are gorgeous! I’m not Catholic but I would totally visit those churches for a lent tradition. I don’t see many churches that old in the USA so seeing them standing really amazes me. The oldest church I’ve seen is probably the remains of one standing in Macau built by the Portuguese in the 1600s.

    AHHH THE DOGGO! Man, the waters are brilliant looking! :)
    Liv recently posted #takingoverasia: MelakaMy Profile


  28. On May 2nd, 2017, Gellie said,
  29. I’d want to visit Ilo-Ilo soon too. My family went there last year but I wasn’t able to go with them since I had… WORK. Haha! #Adulting is not fun when you get to miss family trips… FREE family trips.

    I’m not much of a religious person too but I went on a Visita Iglesia with my family last Holy Week. Kind of like a family tradition. :)



  30. On May 6th, 2017, Mei said,
  31. We only visited Miag-ao and Jaro because we lack time, we didn’t get to see more heritage sites. Also, no beach because we explored more of the city hehe

    Nakka-miss and iloilo! Hoping to get back one day hehe
    Mei recently posted Mt. Ulap Eco-trail Day Hike Guide, Itinerary and ExpensesMy Profile


  32. On May 10th, 2017, Tannya Aditya said,
  33. AAAAAHHHH I LIVEEEEEE. i love your photos, gillan! they are so lovely. the abundance of old architectures are <3 also! doggo! PET THE DOG PET THE DOG

    don’t mind me. i’m just living vicariously through you :crying:


  34. On May 12th, 2017, Michelle said,
  35. Very beautiful. I remember going to my dad’s country of El Salvador and mostly the city of La Union and remembering how poor everyone was, but also how beautiful it was. They all lived simply and even though it was hot during the summers, I still enjoyed.

    beautiful photos btw
    Michelle recently posted The Journey To The Center Of Our HeartMy Profile